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Fun with How-To Videos

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A while ago I added some beginner how-to videos to my Senior Citizen’s website, and it was an interesting and fun process.  These videos are published on YouTube, and some people have even viewed and commented on them!  Here’s what I did, and it’s easy:

–  Using Microsoft Virtual PC, I created a virtual machine running Windows 7.  This would allow me to record video in a “clean” environment without distracting customizations which others wouldn’t have.

–  I practiced my demos, both working on the timing of actions and wording, and found it was easiest to record the actions first, then add the audio narration later in an audio track with the video editing software.

–  I used Camtasia Recorder to record screen movements and highlight mouse movements/clicks.  There’s other software out there but this package worked reliably and easily.  I used a Logitech USB headset to record audio.  It’s pretty cheap and resulted in good quality audio in a hands free fashion.

– After adding some titles and fade in effects with Camtasia, I recorded the audio track while watching the video.  It’s best to do this soon after creating the video while the pacing and timing are fresh in your mind.

–  I uploaded the video to YouTube and within 30 minutes it was available online and in HD quality…!  I occasionally check the views and comments for questions/responses.

Here are the videos created so far:

  • The key to connecting and reconnecting with friends and family is creating an email account.  This video shows how to easily create a free Google GMail account if you don’t already have one.

How to create a free Google gmail email account

  • You can safely and conveniently shop online with and have the items shipped directly to your house.  Here’s how to create your free account.  You’ll also need an email address (any email service from google, yahoo, etc. is fine), so follow the Google GMail account video above first if needed.  Watch the video by clicking the link:

How to create an account with

  • Connect and reconnect with friends and your community by creating a Facebook account.  We’ll have more tutorials on using Facebook later, but for create your account now.  Watch the video by clicking the link:

How to create a facebook account

  • A video showing how to download and install the new excellent FREE Microsoft Security Essentials software.  This software protects your computer from viruses, malware, and spyware.  If you currently have a virus scanner running, you must first uninstall that software.   Watch the video by clicking the link:

How to video installing Microsoft Security Essentials


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