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Trying instant Bing & Twitter Search with ASP.NET


I’ve been learning and writing a lot of ASP.NET code the past couple months and thought it was time to try a fun project.  This Bing and Twitter search sample application uses basic web API’s to retrieve search results on a character by character basis.  Unfortunately ASP.NET isn’t nearly as fast as client side scripting (like Google instant) but I gave it a try with server side processing.  Try it out- clearly, this type of application works best on the client side!

You’ll have to pause a bit between keystrokes to see results on the screen but they’ll eventually show up.   For the Bing search you can choose between Web and News results. A bonus- no ads, no cookies stored, no privacy issues 🙂

Here’s the sample Techybit Quick Search page.

Here’s the code for the application.


3 thoughts on “Trying instant Bing & Twitter Search with ASP.NET

  1. I don’t find this useful cause search will only happen when your cursor leaves textbox and you do some other action like radiobutton select.

    It would be nice to actual do real google instant search


    1. Not quite- the search is triggered after the third character, you don’t need to leave the textbox, but there is a lag sometimes which can be misleading.


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