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Lake Merritt, Oakland – Resources For New Residents


Lake Merritt

Arial view of the Lake Merritt, Oakland area

Moving to a new area is always a bit scary and involves a lot of work to get settled.  What things are there to do?  What restaurants are nearby?  What sorts of community involvement are available?  I went through this exercise after moving to the Lake Merritt area of Oakland, a very nice area that has lots of diverse things to see and do.  I found it useful to spend time searching Google about my new neighborhood and making link list of useful resources.  If you’re new to any area, I recommend doing the same and if you’re new to this area , here’s my list of resource links I hope are useful.

(P.S.  Lake Merritt is not actually a freshwater lake, it’s a natural salt water tidal lagoon connected to the Oakland / Alameda Estuary)




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