Tech Tips from Appdev to Virtual PC

Quick Tips on Virtual PC development, LDAP, Training, Security, and eBay Just an assortment of hopefully useful miscellaneous items from things I’ve been working on lately along with resources for further review. Virtual PCs (VPC): If you’re in consulting you will find it necessary to develop programs on various platforms- Windows 2003, 2008, XP, Vista. Continue reading “Tech Tips from Appdev to Virtual PC”

Goal-Centered Design

Alan Cooper’s  About Face 3: The Essentials of Interaction Design is the standard for user centered design, in my opinion.  The original 1995 version changed how I approached designing computer programs & interfaces and every programmer who writes user facing systems should read any version of this book.   Warning:  If you’re currently working on aContinue reading “Goal-Centered Design”

5 Tips for Crash-Proof Consulting

Are you considering a career in computer consulting?  Here’s some semi-serious personal tips I’ve developed from years in the trenches… Expect Chaos, Deliver Zen: Consultants are brought in because the client lacks resources or expertise for an important project they’re willing to pay good money for.  Things will be disorganized, confusing, and probably behind scheduleContinue reading “5 Tips for Crash-Proof Consulting”

Don’t Call Me Shirley

People in other professions have fairly concrete titles which indicate what they do.  Think surgeon, math teacher, architect, or president.  The computer field is somewhat different in that I’ve been doing basically the same thing (developing custom software on Microsoft platforms) for years and have been called software engineer, consultant, contractor, programmer, computer scientist, systemsContinue reading “Don’t Call Me Shirley”

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