Why Closed Systems Like iPad Will be Successful

There’s lately been much discussion about closed vs. open software systems, particularly as it relates to the smartphone, tablet , and video game system markets .  The iPhone and iPad (and to an extent their desktop/laptop systems) are seen as “closed” since Apple tightly controls how applications are developed, approved, and sold on those platforms. Continue reading “Why Closed Systems Like iPad Will be Successful”

How to Develop iPhone Apps For Free

There’s an interesting (and free) resource if you’re interested in learning how to program the iPhone- how about a class from Stanford University including video lectures, pdf’s of lecture materials, and other reference materials? The class web page can be found here: Stanford iPhone Class Stanford actually offers many free classes via Apple’s iTunes UContinue reading “How to Develop iPhone Apps For Free”

Teching Across the Country

Portable technology can make traveling much more effective, efficient, and enjoyable than anything possible just a couple years ago.  Smartphones, 3G cellular, wi-fi networks, and web services are revolutionizing how we plan and execute personal travel.  After reading my experiences, comment below on your thoughts or experiences using technology while traveling. Here’s some products andContinue reading “Teching Across the Country”

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