PickFlicks for Windows Phone–One Year Later

  My Windows Phone application has been in the marketplace for one year now and an update has just been published (v2.5).  The new version was necessary as Netflix updated some API URL’s that required code changes, plus I added a new feature allowing users to sort new titles by date, title, or rating.  AsContinue reading “PickFlicks for Windows Phone–One Year Later”

My First Windows Phone Application – PickFlicks

I’ve spent the last few weeks watching Windows Phone training videos (via learndevnow.com) and reading all the great Microsoft articles on WP7 development and finally writing my own application. I started with the idea that there was no convenient place to get a date sorted list of new titles available on Netflix Instant Streaming andContinue reading “My First Windows Phone Application – PickFlicks”

WCF Services, Shared Hosting and Windows Phone 7

Creating a Microsoft web service can be a straightforward thing, but add in the requirements of deploying a WCF service to a shared hosting provider (such as GoDaddy) and have it available to web applications and to a Windows Phone 7 device can add a few wrinkles.  Most examples I read only explained these conceptsContinue reading “WCF Services, Shared Hosting and Windows Phone 7”

Digitize with Windows Phone 7, Gmail, and Handyscan

  I’ve been using an HTC HD7 running Windows Phone 7 for 6 weeks now, and I love it, rarely missing my iPhone.  I discovered a very useful technique to digitize all my important papers and receipts using the phone, an application called Handyscan, and Google Gmail.  This method allows you to scan papers withContinue reading “Digitize with Windows Phone 7, Gmail, and Handyscan”

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