Exploring the Forgotten Baltimore Skywalks

And now for a non-tech diversion:  I recently discovered a little used yet interesting section of downtown Baltimore- a series of skywalks and skybridges crisscrossing many blocks and leading through hotels, office buildings, and parks.  It’s actually possible to use these walkways and go from Harborplace at the Inner Harbor up to the convention center and finally Charles Plaza several blocks away over the loud and constant traffic.  It’s peaceful, fun, and slowly disappearing as Baltimore has over the years been demolishing these bridges.   The following is a summary of a short tour you can do to see these walkways.

The starting point for this elevated world is the Baltimore Inner harbor.  There’s a stairway near the Urban Outfitters and Noodles Company stores at the Harborplace mall.  The skywalks are generally open from 6am – 8pm and seem safe, but I wouldn’t walk around there after dark!  Climb the stairs and turn right and you’ll see the beautiful Inner Harbor as shown here:

Next, go around the corner of Urban Outfitters and then turn right onto the first bridge which goes over the very busy Light Street.  As you walk over, there are nice views down the street and of the fountain and plaza area below.  There are stairs about 1/2 way over the skywalk if you want to go down and explore the fountain.


Fountain Plaza


From the fountain, keep walking West and you’ll soon go by the Hyatt Hotel and enter a concrete plaza area surrounded by office buildings.  There’s not much here to see, but it’s a nice big plaza with some decent landscaping.  Proceed to the upper right where the small staircase which will take you towards the Baltimore Convention Center.  The walkway branches left and right here- for now, head left towards the Sheraton Hotel.  By the way, when an event is occurring it’s possible to to through both convention center buildings all the way to the new Hilton Hotel, about 3 blocks away.


Here’s the walkway towards the Convention Center…go left towards the Sheraton.  We’ll explore the bridge to the right in a bit.


You can enter the hotel straight ahead (there are bathrooms just past the doors which are handy), but for now turn right to the walkway between the Convention Center and hotel.  If you walk all the way down and turn left, you’ll be a couple blocks from Camden Yards, where the Baltimore Orioles play baseball.  You can go down the walkway and explore the area around the Convention Center for a while, then walk back past the Sheraton and back to where the walkway splits.

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